Difference Between Employee And Employer With Example


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    The main difference between an employee and an employer is their roles and responsibilities within a company or organization. An employee is someone who is hired by the employer to perform specific tasks or duties in exchange for a salary or wages. They work under the direction and supervision of the employer, following company policies and procedures.

    On the other hand, an employer is the person or entity that owns or operates the business and has authority over employees. They are responsible for hiring, managing, and providing guidance to employees. Employers also have the power to make decisions regarding salaries, benefits, promotions, and termination.

    For example, in a restaurant setting, the waitstaff members would be considered employees as they are hired by the restaurant owner to serve customers and follow their instructions. The restaurant owner would be the employer who manages these employees, sets their schedules, provides training, and makes decisions about their employment status.

    In summary, while employees are individuals who work for an employer in exchange for compensation, employers are those who own or operate businesses and have authority over employees.

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