How To Add Highlights In Instagram Without Story


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    Unfortunately, as of now, Instagram does not have a direct feature to add highlights without using the Story feature. The highlight feature is specifically designed to showcase your favorite Stories on your profile for a longer period of time. However, there are a few workarounds you can try to achieve a similar effect.

    One option is to create a separate Instagram account solely dedicated to your highlights. You can upload photos or videos directly to this account and use the highlight feature to organize them into different categories. This way, you can keep your main Instagram profile focused on regular posts while still having the ability to share highlights with your followers.

    Another workaround is to utilize third-party apps that allow you to design custom highlight covers. These apps provide various templates and designs that you can use to create eye-catching cover images for your highlights. Once you have created the cover images, simply upload them as regular posts on your profile and use the highlight feature to group them together.

    While these methods may require some extra steps or additional accounts, they can help you add highlights without using the Story feature on Instagram.

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